Body Wraps


Our Contour Body wraps are the safest, most effective inch loss body wrap available today! The mineral wrap detoxifies and contours your body by drawing out toxins and impurities. Immediate inch loss of 6 to 20 inches occurs as the body is left feeling rejuvenated and more energetic.

Pampering Wrap

This type of wrap is wonderful for moisturizing the skin and helping you to de-stress..

Dehydration Wraps

This type of wrap creates a minor amount of inch loss and weight loss (1 – 2 pounds) primarily through elimination. These water elimination wraps are very useful for women who tend to retain fluid and feel bloated.

Hydration Wraps

This body create inch loss in two ways. The first by aiding the lymphatic system in the removal of stored toxins. These wraps stimulate a process called lymphatic drainage, whee toxins and fatty acids from your cells are released.

Body Wrapping

$65 /session

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